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Golden Retriever Missing His Puppy Brother Is Too Precious

We often see videos of pets being so sad when their human leaves the house and that always breaks our hearts. Although, we think there is a situation that tops those. Not that they should be a competition for the most heartbreaking videos. But this video from TikTok user @thegoldenjaaxe_n_cooper is up there. 

Instead of seeing a dog be sad about its owner leaving, this dog is sad that its puppy brother left to go to work with dad. Ugh, we can't handle this. The dad takes the 4-month-old puppy to work for socialization and training. So smart, but so sad for this Golden Retriever older sister! 

Stop it! We're so sad for this doggo but it's also so stinking adorable. When she took her brother's blanket, we absolutely lost it. She just loves her little brother so much that she wants him around 24/7. That's a sign of a wonderful older sibling. 

"Yes, you're right I cry," commented @wolfclaw001. Heck, we're balling over here. Bring her brother home right away! The puppy can get all the socialization he needs at home. LOL! @charmainetattoli said, "Awwhhh no. Why leave her home alone? Look at that sad face." Don't worry, she's not home alone. Her mom is there with him the entire time! 

@alina7891011 asked, "Are you trying to kill us with sadness??? I just wanna love her until she's happy again." Right!? We'll gladly come over and keep her company until her brother comes home. 


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