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Golden Retriever’s Emotional Reaction to Seeing Mom in a Wedding Dress Is Perfect

We love the wedding tradition of first looks. Whether that’s with the groom seeing his bride for the first time or parents looking at their grown-up child, it’s an emotional moment for sure. Tears are shed, and dorky smiles are plastered among faces, all in the best way. The only thing missing is a first look from the bride and groom’s furry friend. And yes, that is a thing!  

We had no idea we needed to pencil in first looks with our dog at weddings, but thanks to a recent clip from TikTok doggo @holdenthegolden_, it’s bound to become a trend. This Golden Retriever's mom said she's always dreamed of not only having her dog at the wedding but also doing a first look with him. Based on this clip, we'd say this exceeded her dreams. You'll call up your wedding planner immediately after watching this to add it to your own special day. 

Aww! Did you see happy and excited he was to see his mom?! He just wanted to jump all over her and give her love. And he was smiling!! So cute! “He was like, ‘Momma you look so pretty I need to hug you please’😂,” commented TikTok user @lbozz8946. The person holding him was trying so hard to keep him back to make sure no grass stains got on her dress. LOL! “This was just so heartwarming! He loves you soooo much!!” added @denise.

“The most important relationship right there,” said @PeaceBang. Clearly! Weddings are no longer about the two getting married. It’s all about the fur babies and their owners. So we’re definitely adding this to our future wedding. And if you already had a wedding, just follow what @crash_course101 said, “I need to have another wedding just so I can include my dogs.” LOL! 

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