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Golden Retriever 'Monitors' His Toys While They Get a Bath in Precious Video

Some people are very protective of their belongings and hate to put them in the hands of someone else. The fear and worry that something irreparable will happen to their most treasured items makes them keep a close eye. One pup knows this feeling very well and exhibited one way he ensures the safety of his things in this wonderful video.

TikTok user @goldengordy recently shared a video of their Golden Retriever, Gordy, keeping a close eye on his toys. In the video, Gordy watches the washing machine complete its cycle while his toys are getting a thorough bath. Check out this precious video to see Gordy's level of concentration while he does this very important job.

Awww, Gordy can't take his eyes off these toys! He had to supervise and ensure no one was injured or left behind during the bath, and he did an excellent job. This pup sure was glad to have his toys back afterward!

People in the comments can't believe how adorable this is. @marie86753097 said, "OMG, that is the cutest thing ever!" and @vickyjaarsma commented, "OMG, this is so cute." Gordy's concern for his toys makes him even cuter, which we didn't know was possible!

Others think Gordy was so focused because he understands and empathizes with his toys. @imberlytilton856 commented, "He knows the torture they endure during bath time," and @dbal24 said, "OMG, he was worried. Poor baby." Gordy's worry about his toys was just precious!

While we are very sorry that Gordy's had to be separated from his toys during their bath, we're glad they got a bath. As dog owners ourselves, we know how slobbery those toys can get!

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