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Golden Retriever Finds Giant 'Ball' in the Back Yard and We Can't Stop Laughing

Is there anything a dog loves more than an old, beat-up, tennis ball? Definitely not. But unfortunately for one Golden Retriever online, he was just a little confused while star gazing one evening and had the sad realization that thing he saw in the night's sky was not a ball. Whoops! 

Poor Cooper, he was so excited when he thought the big round thing was a ball. But his mama @cooper_and_brewski had to break the bad news that he was sadly mistaken. 

"Our Golden Retriever thought the moon he saw was a ball," the video's caption reads. "No, you can't take that ball," his mom can be heard saying from off-camera. "It's the moon." The look on Cooper's face is just too precious. We're not really convinced that he understood his mama.

"What a dingus," the mom later joked in the caption. 

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The more than 500,000 people who watched the video were absolutely loving Cooper's honest mistake. "Not technically wrong it's just a really big and far away ball," @an_tone0224 joked in the comments section. "He’s not a genius but he’s a dreamer," @snoopdoja kidded. "Air Bud goes to the moon? Just saying, I’d watch it!" @miraxos teased. "You go get that ball for that baby!" @melissafairlady chimed in. 

And some people shared that their dogs do this too. "Hahahaha, Bailey always barks at the moon and chases it, but gets frustrated because he can't get any closer to it, no matter how far he runs," @goldenlifeofbailey wrote. "My dog always watches and tries to chase planes. In his defense it does look like a big bird," @andra_bercea commented. "Mine thinks the moon follows us on our walks and looks back barking at it the whole time," @hopewilliams1990 joked. 

Awww, don't be too bummed Cooper. You'll get that ball one day.

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