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Golden Retriever's Blatant Annoyance Over New Baby Is Priceless

We'd say it's pretty rare that you'll see a dog mad at its owner. They're always so energetic and just happy to be around humans. But just like us, they can have a range of emotions. Happy, sad, angry, jealous. They experience it all. 

If you know TikTok doggo @maxcoenthegolden, you know he's very good at showing his emotions and the latest one to make us chuckle is about a new change in the household. Max the Golden Retriever used to be the baby of the family. Now there's a new tiny human on the block and let's just say Max is more than annoyed!  

LOL! Max isn't holding back with that face! You can clearly tell he does not want the human baby to take his position. Aww, poor Max! His owners need to show him that they love him so much and that he'll never be replaced! 

"I've never seen a dog grimace like that," wrote @chloedogmom1212. Neither have we! There's truly no denying how he's feeling. "He's waiting to speak to the manager!" added @vanessaannjoseph. He would like to make a return, please. LOL! 

@darenak5 wrote exactly what was racing through Max's mind. The comment reads, "I think he is still wondering so where did this come from and can we send it back." Exactly! But we have a feeling there will be brighter days ahead for Max. @0utspoke said, "They will be best friends before you know it!!" Yes! We believe that with our whole hearts! 


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