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Golden Retriever's Unimpressed Reaction to New Puppy Sibling Has Us in Stitches

Sometimes it doesn't matter how hard you try — you just can't get your pets to like each other. It's a huge bummer when it happens, so we can only imagine how much one pet owner was cracking up when they noticed how annoyed their Golden Retriever was getting with the new puppy.

We're sure there wasn't always beef between the two pups, but from the look of the video on the @oakley_and_rusty TikTok page, things were just a bit tense. See for yourself!

To be fair, we're not sure any pup would appreciate having their tail pulled. Typical little sibling behavior. Tsk tsk tsk. "When your parents tell you they are getting you a little brother and this is what they bring home," the video's text overlay reads. 

It's safe to say that the video was a hit. It's since been watched over 1.6 million times! "The older brother's face says 'I give up, just play with my tail,'" @furmama0612 teased in the comments section. "He’s now contemplating the deep meanings of life and if all this is worth it…." @crystal14930 joked. "The big dog looks like he is just waiting for it to stop!" @susanmiller927 chimed in. 

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Don't worry, later in the thread their mama Ali explained that this wasn't always their dynamic. "They are 9 mos apart. Thankfully they have always gotten along really well because they have the same energy level (not always at the same time lol)," she wrote.

Whew! What a relief!

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