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Golden Retriever Puppy's Instant Bond With Newborn Baby Is So Beautiful

You probably know by now just how obsessed we are with videos of babies and dogs. We mean, how can you not be? They're some of the world's cutest things to exist. That's why we had to share this recent clip from TikTok user @rachellruss which already has over 13 million views! 

As it turns out, this TikToker brought home a Golden Retriever puppy the same exact day her best friend had her baby. That, of course, means the puppy and newborn were destined to be best friends. You can see that already in this clip - a beautiful friendship already in blossom.  

We didn't know so much cuteness could fit into one video, but we're absolutely here for it! "And the most wholesome thing on the internet to boot," said @amandascottlind. Seriously though, this clip is warming up everyone's hearts.

"Aww he's so concerned and caring," wrote @rem_mar. We weren't expecting that out of a puppy at all! This just goes to show how their souls know their best friends. @vivocansado added, "The puppy is so young and yet it understands the baby is a newborn." Just further proof that we don't deserve dogs!

@proudcassiehater pointed out, "The puppy just staring at the baby in the first clip like, 'Are you gonna do something?'” HA! This puppy really can't wait until his BFF is big enough to play with. @silver_fox_over50 said, "This makes my heart so happy! Best friends forever." The universe knew these two needed each other and we can't wait to see more of them! 


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