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Video of Golden Retriever Reacting to Newborn Baby's Blanket Is Beyond Adorable

TikTok user @nicoleliviabeauty1 wanted to prep her dog for her newborn baby, who was soon going to be coming home from the hospital. She hoped for a smooth transition with her pup, just as any family would. And we'd say, she got more than a smooth transition. As her caption reads, best friends in the making! 

To introduce her Golden Retriever to the baby, she brought home the baby blanket and hat so he could get a good sniff. She filmed his reaction, and it now has over 1.3 million views. We'd say based on what he does with the blanket, the two of them are already BFFs!

Aww! He couldn't wait to meet his new best friend and wouldn't let go of the blanket. So cute! He's melting our hearts! As @Archie the Golden Retriever said, "Cue the tears 😭." 

TikTok users are commenting on what the dog was thinking. @MooChunk wrote, "He says, 'but where's my baby.'" LOL. He was confused on why they had just the blanket and no kid. @COB added, "Dis smell like best friend." Just by the smell alone, they're instant buddies! @Erin commented, "He’s so excited that you got him a baby! 😂." And that will absolutely be his baby! 

OMG, there's a video of them meeting. Stop it! We need more tissues.😭

This is SO cute! @elaina said, "So sweet!!! Your baby is gonna have the best immune system!❤️." LOL! That's true, especially with all the kisses the pup was giving! 

We're ready for more videos of these two best friends because one is not nearly enough!