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Golden Retriever's Reaction to Seeing an Omelette Being Made on TV Is Just Priceless

Our pets will do anything they can to get their paws on human food. Any time we sit down to eat, they come running over. They'll be on their best behavior to get even a little nibble of our food. Maybe it's something with the smell that gets their mouths to water. Or it could be just because our looks so appetizing compared to their kibble. That's what we're going with after watching this TikTok from @skylars.the.limitt

Skylar the Golden Retriever was watching television with her owner when she noticed a familiar space. The kitchen. And what comes from the kitchen? Delicious food of course! The person on the screen was making an omelette. So Skylar got right up to the screen to make sure what she was seeing was real. And what she does next goes beyond begging!  

O.M.G. We're freaking out because Skylar actually put her paws up on the TV. We're surprised she didn't break it! But the creator said there were no scratches, just one hungry doggo who was tricked into think there was food! As @Helena Scott pointed out, "He was trying to put the channel on paws." LOL! 

"I have the same reaction tbh 😂," commented @Sadchocolatemilk. Same! It's hard watching any food show because our stomach starts growling. So we feel you Skylar, we feel you! "I swear the only thing on a retriever's mind 24/7 is food," wrote @Sillynan111. The only thing on any dog's mind is food. LOL!

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"The baby is starving 😫 feed the baby lol 😂," said @Ashley Broughton. How could the owner tease her like that?! And after many comments demanding the owner make Skylar an omelet, our prayers have been answered. We should expect a video of Skylar eating an omelette this week! We're holding this creator to it!  

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