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Golden Retriever's Disgusted Reaction to an Orange Is Cracking Us Up

Some dogs will eat absolutely, anything. They'll vacuum up whatever they can get as if it's the last food on earth--and then there are pampered pups like @golden_goose7 who have a very developed, specific taste. A sophisticated palate, if you will.

Luckily for Goose's mom, his particular preferences make him the perfect subject for taste test videos--videos like this one! It only takes Goose a second or so to decide that citrus fruits aren't his thing, but, like his other taste tests, his reaction is worth sticking around for. 

He. Said. No! LMAO, his thoughts couldn't be any clearer,  but we love that he went overboard to make his point anyway. Commenter @lizzywiththafade must've gotten a chuckle from it too. "I dont think he likes it," she said. Hmm, do you think?

"Not a citrus guy 😂," agreed @nick_ruest. Yep, you could say that! Goose was more than offended by this orange, and he didn't even taste it. We can't help but wonder, was it really that gross? 

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Either way, we can't help but vibe with @cherylmoore98 who commented, "omg the drama! 😂." It's hilarious, isn't it?! Goose deserves an Oscar for his performance in The Poison Orange, and we're willing to bet this pup's 523.1 thousand followers would back us up on this. What's not to love?

"This is how my kids act when I want them to try a new food 😂," @joann_t shared. LOL! We'd be lying if we said Goose didn't have major toddler energy, but that's just one more thing we love about this floofy boy.

"Can you translate what the single bark means?" asked @jase_the_ace. "Is it 'get it away from me' or...?" Finally, someone's asking the real questions! Though we were kind of looking forward to learning something real about dog behavior and vocalization, we love Goose's parents' answer even more: "hmmm. Id have to say he’s probably cursing at me." If that's true, this Golden Retriever has some serious sass to dish! 

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