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Golden Retriever's Sweet Way of 'Asking Permission' to Get on the Bed Steals Our Hearts

Everyone has their bedtime routine. But undeniably our favorite one is Charley's, a Golden Retriever on TikTok who needs his parents to give him permission before he can get into their bed. Such a good boy! And he has the best manners too. 

The pup's best moments have been shared on his TikTok page @charleyandthebigguy. Including this one, which shows the dog trying to get ready for bed. Take a look!

"Every night we find Charley waiting for permission to get into bed," the video's text overlay reads. "Like clockwork 8:30pm every night," the video's caption reads. We don't know if we could resist those eyes. We'd call it a day at 4 pm if Charley asked us to. 

The comments section was impressed by Charley's good behavior. "Manners gets you a pillow spot, love and sweet dreams sweet darling," @blackbearinkspot joked. "What a sweetheart waiting for permission," @roocher29 agreed. "Oh my gosh. Too much for the heart," @catherine8682 chimed in. 

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Although one commenter has the opposite experience. "Aww mine doesn't give a bone! Sparky gets on it when we leave the room, but when we come back he looks at us like 'oh you haven’t left, my bad,'" @alcala5522 teased.

See? Charley is truly one of a kind. We love a dog who knows right from wrong! Sweet dreams, Charley! 

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