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Golden Retriever's Reaction to Seeing a Friend at Petco Is a Love Story for the Ages

Dogs are truly something special. They want to befriend pretty much every single person they meet. And more often than not, they want to be friends with other dogs. So what about other animals? 

One Golden Retriever is showing us that a dog's love reaches to every living creature, big or small. Known on TikTok as @drakethepupstar, this dog found a new friend at Petco of all places. You'd think a dog would be distracted at the pet store with all the toys and treats. But Drake immediately wanted to be friend an unlikely suspect. 

Stop it! This is one of the cutest friendships we've ever seen come across our timeline. Who would've thought such a large doggo would fall in love with such a tiny creature? Not us! But we're so glad they're friends!

TikTok users are demanding that the owners get this good boy a friend. @allisonstevens20 wrote, "Ok...he needs a pet like what is the hold-up?" That's a valid question. Why aren't they giving this puppo the pet he deserves?! “You better get him,” added @juliatomases. Do what’s best for the pup!

"My Guinea pig and Golden used to sit in the grass together for hours," said @Paige98. Aww! See, this is could be in Drake's future! Just think of it as an early Christmas present for the good boy. Plus, an early Christmas present for us because we'll get to see their friendship blossom even more! 


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