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Golden Retriever's Adorable Reaction to Being Given Pillows to Rest on Is Just Perfect

Nap times are a precious commodity in our household, especially for our fur babies. And we bet it is for you too. Pets love taking naps so much throughout the day that they'll just plop down anywhere. That's why we think it's time to start giving our pets the nap they deserve. 

And that's all thanks to this clip from TikTok user @hdbrosriley. Riley the Golden Retriever's owner goes around making sure his naps are absolutely perfect and it's beyond adorable! No wonder this clip has over 4.2 million views within the first day. Check it out!   

AW! Of course, a good boy like Riley deserves this kind of treatment. Providing him with a pillow is the least his owner can do especially after the ruff life he lives. Playing, walking, eating treats. It makes total sense why he's a sleeping king; he has an exhausting life! "Every dog deserves a soft pillow!" wrote @MAX dobermann. True!

"I love that he knows that's what it's for!!! 😍 😍 😍," said @HisLiliFlower. SAME! And in every single instance, Riley doesn't hesitate with putting his head down. He knows exactly what the pillow means. @neeleystark pointed out, "He said 'FINALLY' and plops down lol." It's as if he's been waiting hours for his owner to bring over the pillow. LOL! "I can just hear the little ✨plop✨ on each pillow," commented @missxsarai. So can we!! It's the best sound and definitely the best feeling after a long, hard day. 

Riley actually looks like a professional sleeper! LOL! Can he share some Zzz's for the rest of us!? 


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