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Golden Retriever Playing With a Baby Deer Is Straight Out of a Disney Movie

If you have a playful puppy, you know there's pretty much no one that they won't try to pal around with. Even other animals. So of course, it shouldn't be a surprise that a Golden Retriever on TikTok quickly bonded with a baby deer that wondered into his backyard and the two of them ended up having a playful tussle. Dogs. Who don't they get along with?

The pups owner, Will Sanchioni (@willsanchioni) was quick to get his camera out when he saw that his dog had made a new friend. The footage shows the Golden Retriever first sniffing around the fawn before deciding that they could be trusted. And then it was definitely on. It's safe to say the fawn probably had never been around that kind of puppy energy, but they quickly got into the groove. Just look at how much fun they're having together. Both puppy and fawn definitely slept well that night,. 

The video has been watched almost 275,000 views. So of course, the comments section had something to say about this budding friendship. "What is this Disney movie?" @mattlikeskats teased. "Oh deer that was cute," @gerbbergen joked. "The little squeak from the dawn," @kokoxo16 cooed. "Omg, do you LIVE IN PARADISE," @jennmooney675 wondered. 

It's easy to imagine that the TikTok creator does live in paradise given this unbelievable footage. But luckily for us it's all real! We'll probably never see another video of a dog and a fawn getting along so well again. So we gotta take it all in. 

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Unfortunately, we don't know if the fawn ever came back to visit the pup again, but we'd like to think these two hang out all the time.

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