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Video of Golden Retrievers Enjoying a 'Family Pool Day' Is the Stuff of Dreams

Can a sunny day at the pool get any better? No? What about if we add 8 Golden Retrievers? No, it's not a dream--it's how @teamourgoldenadvcentures spends their afternoons! When one of their pups, Wrigley, came for a visit, the doggos had to celebrate in the most fun way possible. That includes a dip in their custom-built pool, of course!

This ADORABLE video is already a minute long as-is, but if you're anything like us you'll be watching it on repeat. After all, there are 8 precious puppers to keep an eye out for! Just wait until you get a load of this party.

Don't you just want to dive in with them? They all look like they're having a blast, and we're obsessed. Obviously, so are all the commenters who took time out of their day to share something from the video that made them smile. 

"'Pools open'!!!!! I love everything about this!!!! 🥰," wrote @bluemmgirl02. Right? How in the world could you not be happy surrounded by all these joyful dogs? @Iamkayr was totally right when she called this clip, "definition of happiness!!!! 🥰."

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It's just too sweet how the pups take a moment out to make sure their favorite person is feeling included, too. "Awwwwsweet pups come back to say, 'come on! You're part of the family, too!'" noticed @claireday3331. It's the best!

Some commenters pointed out another polite move from the Goldens. @mikecuackenyuu asked, "Any one else notice when they where asking for permission to go in?" We did, and we loved it! These cuties are never too busy to be kind, and that's a lesson we humans could learn from.

We could also learn how to spend more quality time with one another! This is a fantastic way to celebrate a family reunion, and we 100% expect an invite next time. 

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