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Golden Retriever Who Poses for Photos on Command Has People Impressed

Being gorgeous is a full-time job--just ask Ellie the Golden Retriever. This four-legged TikTok star is an absolute pro at posing for photos with her human dad Kevin, but her intelligence and cuteness are blowing minds left and right. If you need any more proof, just ask their 4 million followers!

In a priceless video on their account, @elliegoldenlife, which has been viewed over 3.5 million times in less than a week, Kevin and Ellie get ready to take a “picture for the ‘Gram.’” As soon as her dad asks, Ellie knows exactly what to do–even tossing her paws over his shoulders for a pose. This pup is a true influencer, and she knows it. 

If you're not smiling ear-to-ear after witnessing Ellie's modeling skills, something is seriously wrong. This sweet girl is so talented! From her patient sitting at the beginning of the video to the way she poses and smiles for the camera, it's impossible not to be impressed with her obedience skills and utter cuteness. Just ask commenter @llnafetsll, who said "her little smile gets me every time " Us too! 

Other viewers like @giselle1773 loved Kevin's polite attitude toward Ellie. She commented, "I love how you are so polite and not just being bossy to her," while @snikitad said "cutest father daughter duo !! 🥺" This goes to show that positive training and trust between dog and owner can go a long way.

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Above all, TikTokers were positively gobsmacked by Ellie's extensive training. Take @jamester0211, for example, who commented, "Really need a tutorial for how to train this adorable trick🥰" Perhaps we have this user to thank for the duo's following video, where Kevin shows viewers how he gets Ellie to smile! 

This trick is a must-know for other dog-fluencers out there, though maybe it’s the skill that will make your pup go viral–just like Ellie! 

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