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Golden Retriever Practices Impulse Control With Delicious Treats

Ellie the Golden Retriever has become quite the food critic on TikTok. She's known for her famous 'tastings,' when her dad holds out a bite of food and asks her to 'taste it' with a single lick. It's too funny to watch her process each flavor!

One of the latest videos on her account, @elliegoldenlife, adds one extra element of challenge to her treat sampling: impulse control. After tasting two yummy foods, Ellie is left alone with them both; the results are just to die for.

OMG--good girl, Ellie! We are so impressed that she listened to every one of her dad's requests, but he didn't seem surprised at all. We suppose this Golden girl really is 100% angel. She deserves both treats for her good deeds!

"That dog has more self-control than I would have in that situation," commented Us, too! Then again, it makes sense that she's been working on it so frequently.

Her dad responded, "Impulse control is an important part of our work as a therapy team, so we practice it a lot." That's amazing! Ellie seems like the perfect candidate for a therapy dog, so we're not surprised to hear that. What we were surprised to hear, though, was her government name!

"Never knew her full name was Eleanor," @kmbrlyptrs wrote. "Omggggg." Isn't it the best? It's an elegant name for an elegant girl. Heck, even the way she tastes her food is gentle and sweet!

Viewer @johannesslacaba loved "the way she licked the salmon vs how slowly she licked the steak. I just knew it, she is a steak lover." Ellie is just full of surprises.

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