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Golden Retriever's Acting Skills of Showing His Hurt Paw Could Win an Oscar

We've all been there before. You wake up one morning really not wanting to go to school. So you fake a stomach ache or tell your mom that your head hurts. You milk in your 'sickness' as long as you can. But more often than not, you're parents know whatever trick you had up your sleeve and they catch on. We tend to break character just like the dogs who are trying to pull a fast one on their parents. 

TikTok creator @thegoldenbreakfastclub noticed that their dog Maple was acting a little different. She was walking around with a smile on her face, but she kept holding up her paw. Poor Maple was walking with a limp and she didn't want to put too much pressure on it. When they called the vet, the vet didn't have any immediate openings so instead, they were told to keep an eye on her. The whole family felt bad for Maple, that is until she broke character...

O.M.G. Maple was tricking all of us and the rain cured her instantly! We really believed her. Especially since she was showing off her hurt paw to the cat named Waffles! That's when you know she means business. @Just_Dayna1207, wrote, "Maple was really hoping Waffles would’ve been sympathetic to her hurt paw. I’m glad Maple is okay 😃." LOL! Waffles was not believing it for one second. Nothing can pull on his heartstrings! Even the official TikTok account for Chewy said, "Waffles clearly knew the truth."

Well if the cat wasn't going to believe her, she had to make sure the rest of the family would. "The way she kept looking back at you to make sure you were seeing all her pain and agony😂," commented @cynlrob. HA! She didn't want to waste her acting energy if no one was watching! 

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Although it looks like Maple was just faking her injury, several Tiktok users are suggesting the creator keep the appointment. @the.howler said, "Please still keep the vet appointment because dogs are masters at masking pain. The excitement overrules the pain." This is a great reminder for all pet owners! Follow your gut feeling. It's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to keeping them healthy, especially because they can't vocalize if they're in pain!

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