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Golden Retriever's Curious Reaction to Seeing a Prosthetic Leg Is Simply Irresistible

There are an infinite number of reasons to love dogs, and curiosity is one of them. Many pups will do darn near anything to be involved in whatever's going on--even when they have no idea what's going on. That's just how it is!

Huckleberry the Golden Retriever is no different. He's one polite, fluffy boi, but he can't hide just how fascinated he is about his owner's friend's prosthetic leg. The adorable moment was shared on TikTok by Amy Purdy, a para-snowboarder and founder of Adaptive Action Sports, but everyone is loving Huckleberry's curious reaction.

LOL! Those head tilts are pure gold, and not just because they're coming from a Golden Retriever. We're so glad Amy shared the Huckleberry sweetness with her viewers!

"He thinks it’s a new toy?!?!😁😁," commented @frankwhit80. That was our first thought, too! To be fair, the prosthetic does slightly resemble a stick or long toy, and it is a Retriever's job to retrieve...We're just glad this Golden is such a good boy!

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Viewer @horrorhhhh wrote, "'I dunno what that is but I still loves you human!'" Aww! That totally seems like Huckleberry's vibe. He even came to give her kisses after inspecting her mysterious leg! @The_original_momo_mike was totally right when they said, "Dogs are so much more accepting and genuine than most people are." This guy is the perfect example!

Still, we can't help but wonder "how [he would] react if she took it off😅🤯." That was @kajed_beast's genius question! We can only hope Amy gives us an update, but we're more than content enjoying Huckleberry's head tilts in the meantime. They're the sweetest! And so is he. 

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