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Golden Retriever Puppies' Cute Reactions to Watching Their First Movie Are Beyond Sweet

Movie magic is totally a real thing--especially for children! You know exactly what we mean if you remember watching your favorite films as a child and feeling entirely drawn into the story. Sometimes, the movies almost seemed real! 

That's an experience some of the @caligoldenretrievers pups can relate to now, too. Their owner keeps them constantly comfy with a living room-size playpen to call their very own, but when they turned on a movie, everything changed! Just wait until you get a look at these little cinema lovers--these Golden Retrievers are definitely from the Golden State! 

How sweet are they?! We wish we could jump through the screen and snuggle up with these babies for movie time, but we'll have to be content living vicariously through their caretaker--who's doing an awesome job, BTW. Just like commenter @shawnmontello said, "The fact you turned your entire living room into a playpen for the pups, melts my heart. We need more people like you!!!" 

These lucky dogs are basically living in puppy paradise, and now they have a movie to keep them entertained. It's the best, right? "Well yeah," wrote @kduddy92. "Madagascar is awesome!" You can say that again! Who doesn't need a little King Julian in their lives?

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Of course, commenters had tons of other movies to suggest. @ConorG recommended "101 Dalmatians next," while @britneybackstreet101 asked for them to see The Lion King. Want to guess which one was their next feature presentation?

It was a dog-related movie, of course! These Golden babies seemed to love 101 Dalmatians, and we can totally see why. It looks like they're going to grow up to be absolute movie buffs!

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