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Video of Golden Retriever Puppy Getting First 'Big Boy' Bath Is Pure Internet Gold

Getting a puppy can be a lot of work. Between all of the training and seemingly never-ending energy, they can seem like more trouble than it's worth to some people. However, getting to experience all of your pups big milestones makes it all worth it. One woman shared the aftermath of one of her puppy's milestones and we can't get enough.

TikTok user @murphs_golden_lifee recently shared a video of her 11 week old Golden Retriever, Murphy, after he got his very first 'big boy' bath! Transitioning to baths at the groomers is a big deal for pups after being previously bathed in the comfort of your parent's bathroom at home. Check out the video to see how proud Murphy was for behaving so well during his 'big boy' bath!

OMG, Murphy is just too cute, and he also looks extra handsome after his grooming. When he comes out of the back to greet his owner, he looks so proud of himself! 

People in the comments think Murphy is just the best. @goldengirlpacha called him a "sweet little angel!" and @darlene_villarreal said, "Omg, he’s so adorable." Murphy really is a treasure, and we were blessed with this video!

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Murphy got a lot of love in the comments of this video, and we're sure his momma gave him plenty of treats and pets when they got home for being such a good boy at the groomer!

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