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16-Year-Old Dog Teaches Puppy to 'Listen to the Birds' in Touching Video

TikTok user @sashasbucketlist shared with us a precious moment between her 16-year-old dog and her Golden Retriever puppy. It totally looks like this clip would be a scene from a movie. And it's honestly a beautiful reminder for us all. 

Her two dogs were laying down next to each other by the open back door. The birds were cherping, loud and clear. Instead of these dogs running to chase the birdies, which our dogs totally would do, they were just listening. A calm, relaxing moment for them and for us. This will seriously touch your heart!

Wow, does it get more beautiful than this?! This truly looks like a clip from a movie. Everything about it is just so peaceful. The two dogs bonding together over the sweet sound of birds singing is absolutely perfect. We're in love with this video so we can't even imagine how the creator felt watching this in realtime. 

"What a beautiful scene," commented @user9160339691106. We told you that it looked like it came straight from a movie! @CrazyDogLady24, said, "So precious! Treasure these moments for sure!" We know this creator will. It's a memory that will be impossible to forget. One that will be cherished forever by this TikToker.  

Another TikTok user, @roocher29, wrote, "How precious is this! The simple things in life." Right!? This video serves us a reminder to slow down in life. Enjoy the little things. Listen to the birds and appreciate the beauty. 


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