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Video of Golden Retriever Puppy Waiting for Her Blankie to Be Done in the Wash Is Everything

Do you remember as a kid being obsessed with a certain item? Ours was our favorite stuffed animal. We'd never leave home without it. Other kids had a blankie that never left their hands. Heck, some were even in love with their binkies. We probably all did this as a kid. And even as the item became all torn and ratty, we would never give it up. 

TikTok puppy @goldenmalla is bringing us back to our childhood days because just like us, this Golden Retriever can't leave her blankie. Malla is obsessed with her blankie. She uses it daily. That of course means it probably starts to stink after a while. And in this case, it definitely stinks because she had an accident. So her parents decided to wash it and give it a refresh. Although, she probably doesn't understand why. All she knows it that she wants her blankie and she wants it now. LOL! Watch Malla as she waits for the blankie to be done in the wash. It's seriously too cute! 

O.M.G. She really was watching her blankie in the washing machine. Adorable! At least she was able to watch it through the door. Otherwise she probably would've been so upset. Do you think she actually stayed there the whole cycle?! We'd say yes. LOL! 

"I love how dogs guard their toys and blankets in the washer or dryer! 😂😂😂," said @lorit1112. We understand that! She had to make sure no one was going to snatch it from her! @imovereverthing wrote, "'Again' 😂😂." Well, she is just a puppy and accidents happen! More than once. LOL!

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Another dog on TikTok, @baker_the_englishcream, reassured Malla and commented, "Happens to the best of us 🤷‍♂️." That's true! She'll learn soon enough. And if not, we bet her parents would do it all again for her! Anything to keep the baby happy. Ha!

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