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Golden Retriever Puppy's Adorable Protest After Mom 'Takes a Break' Is Just Like a Human Kid

If you're a parent, you've probably gone through the struggle of leaving your child for a second and they immediately burst out into tears. They won't let anyone else hold them except you. You might feel special, but at the same time, you get frustrated because you can never get a break. 

Well, believe it or not, dog babies are the same way. TikTok user @caligoldenretrievers recently posted a clip of one of the new babies who is acting just like a human kid. This Golden Retriever named Ross is what we like to call a drama king. 

Aww, poor little baby! Ok yes, Ross maybe a drama king but he's a very cute drama king! We don't mind though because he's already stolen our hearts.

"That is the saddest sweetest most heartbreaking lil cry I've ever heard," said @nettielove75. How can a cry be so sad and so cute at the same time?! @pbritchess added, "So heartbreaking...I’m glad he was reunited with the milk truck in the end." LOL! Ross isn't even calling her mom. That's his milk truck. Ha! 

Another TikTok user, @GemQueen, added, "I can not handle puppy cries. I would have picked him up and taken him everywhere I went." SAME! We don't know how this TikTok creator just kept recording. We would've rushed so quickly to Ross it's not even funny. Hopefully, as Ross gets stronger every day, he won't have to cry out to momma too much. But then again, he is a drama king so who knows. LOL! 


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