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Golden Retriever's First Nap With New Puppy Is the Stuff of Dreams

There are so many reasons why you get a second dog — like maybe you really want your dog to have a BFF. That's totally fair, but even once you bring home the second puppy you have to cross your fingers and hope that they get along. On TikTok, a video of a Golden Retriever's first nap with the new dog has gone viral. It's so incredible to see these two become fast friends in real time. 

It's not always easy to get your pets to play nice. But when it happens, you definitely want to remember it.  TikTok page @elliegoldenlife usually follows pups Ellie and Emma on all of their adventures, but it was a small moment at home that caught so much attention online. "When you walk in on Ellie and Emma's first nap together," the text overlay reads. The looks on their faces are too perfect.

"When Ellie realizes it," their owner wrote in the caption, before adding the eye-roll emoji. We guess Ellie was not expecting to be taking a nap with her sister. 

People in the comments section were swooning over the dogs' adorable moment. "It’s like when Ross and Joey have that nap together on Friends, but 1000 times cuter!" @rosie_reads_b00ks wrote. "I wanna be a dog. No worries, no work. Just eat and sleep well," @apartofdespair joked. "The same look when my 5-year-old golden realized tiny new golden brother was laying with him," @momwifelife2639 shared. "What in the heck? I am so moved by this video. Pure love," @amyvalentinestar14 added. 

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Sure, Ellie might've seemed a tad surprised to know that she wasn't alone while she was sleeping. But we think this is just the beginning of many beautiful naps together.

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