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Golden Retriever's Reaction to Her First 'In-N-Out' Puppy Patty Is Way Too Cute

We all remember the first time we got a cheeseburger from a fast food restaurant. It was probably magical. One man on TikTok is sharing his Golden Retriever's very first pup patty from In-N-Out — and judging by the video, we think Nala is going to be a fan of the fast food chain for life. 

For the unfamiliar, pup patties are plan, unsalted, burger patties you can request for your fury friends at In-N-Out. Which means that if you're craving an animal style burger, you can bring your pet too. TikTok creator Chris of @adventuringwithnala wanted to capture Nala's first bite of the unique treat and then shared her reaction with his viewers online. The dog dad ordered the patty with as little salt as possible — and then placed the patty in front of Nala to see if she would take a bite.

Yep, we think she likes it. "Nala is now demanding one puppy patty per week," her owner joked in the caption. 

We guess a lot of people were curious about this secret menu item because the video has since been watched almost 2 million times. "Nala food review is what we need, her trying different foods that is ok for her to have," @a_girl_has_no_name92 wrote in the comments section. "Nala: *taste* ‘can I has?’ *takes entire thing in one bite,*" @thesunflowerclb joked. "Every time I go to In-N-Out I get one for my shepherd… if I show up without her patty she’s upset lol she knows the smell," @ellyyysocal shared. 

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While another commenter @blahblahfaye said it best: "She's not playing."

Nope, she totally wasn't. Don't worry, Nala. There's no judgement here. 

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