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Golden Retriever Meets New Puppy Sibling and We Can't Get Enough

We've been through countless videos of dogs meeting their new fluffy siblings and somehow we don't get tired of watching. Unlike kids who meet their new brother and sister, dogs are always excited to see the family's new pup. Whereas kids might get upset they have another sibling. LOL! Dogs immediately welcome the new pup into the family with warm sniffs and kisses. 

This recent clip from TikTok user @kembaandbronny is no different. That's why we're so obsessed! And clearly, TikTokers can't get enough because the clip has over 4.8 million views. In this clip, the pawrents hide the new Golden Retriever puppy named Bronny in a basket with blankets covering him. They tell their other dog Kemba to come into the room. She's already so excited, wagging her tail nonstop. Watch as she investigates what's under the blanket and be prepared to fall in love with this new doggy duo. 

Stop it! Our hearts have completely melted because this is just so adorable! Kemba's tail was going a thousand miles a minute. LOL! And as soon as they lifted the blanket up to reveal Bronny, she couldn't stop sniffing. She thought the pup was all for her!

"I like how she came in like, 'Oh? What's this? Wait gotta say hi first,' then goes back to investigating," pointed out @LayDe Deadpool. LOL! Kemba knew she had to say hi to her parents first. She didn't want to be rude but she was so curious!  @_codem asked, "Did anyone else feel like it was Christmas when watching this or was it just me???" O.M.G. We didn't think of it as Christmas until reading this comment. It totally gives off the vibes of Christmas morning joy, opening presents and being surrounded by the ones you love the most. And just when we thought we couldn't love this clip anymore! 

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Another TikTok user, @umayaqua, said, "Dogs getting excited meeting smaller dogs is one of my favorite genres of video on the internet." Is it not everyone's favorite?! It's a genre that will never, ever get old! 

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