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Video of Golden Retriever Puppy Crying Out for Her Siblings Gives Us All the Feels

It can be hard to be left out when your siblings are together without you, but nothing really illustrates this feeling quite like one Golden Retriever puppy on TikTok. Akeela was so upset after being separated from her brother and sisters after a bath one day. But now her sweet little whine has people online positively melting.

Akeela is now 15 months old, but at the time the footage was shot she was only a puppy. As the video on her owner's TikTok page @caligoldenretrievers shows, the pup was distressed when she realized that she was without her litter. "We were bathing the pups and she was the first to finish," the video's text overlay reads. "She didn't like being alone and called out to her siblings." Just listen to her little noises. We can't take it, it's so cute!

Little Akeela even went looking for her siblings, but sadly they were nowhere to be seen! Thankfully, the rest of her siblings quickly finished up their baths and they were reunited. But as her owner joked it was "the most agonizing two minutes of her life."

The comments section was positively smitten. "Poor puppy!! I’d probably be crying with her if I was there," @adultingdoctor wrote. "That was agonizing to watch her sad. I just needed someone to cuddle her and make it all better!" @notwearinsox added. "That was way too hard to watch, I literally teared up," @mereeples admitted. "My pup got so concerned and had the saddest look in her eyes while I watched this," @taylorhodge1321 shared. 

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Later on the page, Akeela's owner shared a video of the dog and her eight siblings. No wonder why she was so stressed. With that many brother and sisters she was probably never alone for even a minute. 

Too cute!

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