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Video of Golden Retriever Puppies Exploring Their New Surroundings Is Just the Best

If you've ever raised puppies before, you know how fast that time goes. Heck, the same goes for human babies too! One minute you're holding something so small that you can fit it into your palm. Then the next thing you know is they're running around the house and you can't keep up. But honestly, that's the best part! They become explorers and their curiosity flourishes. 

We have to admit though, we'd watch these four-week-old Golden Retriever puppies over any human child any day of the week. And we think you would too that's why we're sharing with you these pups from Perth, Australia! TikTok user @eloisesmith_ is raising the cutest little pups ever. At just four-weeks-old, these furry little fellas are ready to take on the world. You'll be falling in love with their adventurous nature the second you start this clip! 

Holy cuteness! Even the momma dog looks like she knows her dogs are going to be wild ones. LOL! She walked away from the playpen like, 'Uh oh, here they come.' But can you blame them? They're ready to venture out beyond the playpen and that happens with every little one as they get older.

"They're at the cutest stage right now omg 😍," wrote @beezeeandk. Ain't that the truth! Well, all stages of dogs are cute, but we do wish they'd stay this small forever. @Daniel S added, "This video ended way too fast." Right?! She needs to set up a 24/7 feed of these puppies so we can watch them grow. We want to see them exploring the rest of the house and how they play outside. We just want to see it all!

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@philb1971 said, "Oh dear......floofs of trouble." LOL! Before this TikToker knows it, these floofs will be running all over the house and she won't be able to keep up! But it's so worth it. If she needs help though, we'll be there in a heartbeat!

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