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Golden Retriever's Reaction to Realizing Mom Is Home Gives Us All the Feels

A mom recently came home to her sweet Golden Retriever getting some much-needed sleep on the bed. She wanted to make sure her dog knew she was home, but how could she interrupt a deep sleep like this? She didn’t want to startle the sleeping beauty! So instead, she went about waking her pup up in the sweetest way. 

A clip posted to TikTok account @g.olden.girls shows her slowly putting her hand by her dog’s nose. She patiently waits to see if her scent would wake up this sleepy dog who is clearly in a deep sleep and probably dreaming about mama. Wait until you see what happens next.

OMG! This is so adorable. She shot right up from her nap when she realized it was her mom! And did you see the dog’s nose twitching?! She needed to get a few extra sniffs in to make determine it wasn’t actually a dream. 

The clip captured everyone’s attention and brought in over 2.8 million views on the first day. Even official pet and dog businesses are commenting on the adorableness of this video. Bark Box’s official TikTok account, @BARK, wrote, “I wish I could sleep this deeply 😍.” Us too! This just means her mom set up a very safe and comfortable home where she doesn’t need to be on alert 24/7. @Chewy said, “Thank you for sharing this,” to which the creator replied by saying, “It’s our pleasure. She’s just too special to keep all to ourselves.” And we’re so thankful she didn’t keep her to herself. We love her! 

@Austin Nicholls commented, “There’s almost nothing I love more than a dog that’s tuckered out after playing all day.” It’s the cutest!! Or maybe this sleepy girl is just exhausted from working her 9-5. Either way, we will let her get back to her beauty rest and we hope she gets to snuggle with mama.