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Golden Retriever's Airport Reunion With Owner After 3 Months Apart Is Just Priceless

We feel like such a parent when we leave our furry besties behind. Well, to be fair, we are paw-rents so the heartbreaking we get from leaving them behind for an extended period of time is valid. Just like any human parent, we miss them the entire trip. Luckily our trips are never too long, unlike this one Golden Retriever mama who was apart from her baby for over 3 months. Ugh, we could never! At least their reunion is the sweetest thing to ever come on the app. 

After being separated for over 3 months, TikTok doggo @goldenretriever_hugi went to the airport to greet his mom. He was decked out with balloons to welcome mom home. So sweet! The video then shows the exact moment he spots his mom. His reaction is everything! We promise that you've never seen a happy dog! 

AW!! Watching this video is an instant mood booster. We seriously can't stop smiling while seeing their reunion. The pup had to do a double-take to make sure it really was his mom. And then it was nonstop jumping and tail-wagging because they were finally together! 

"He couldn't wag that tail any harder😂," wrote @potato.nuggett. LOL! Seriously, he could've taken someone out with how hard he was wagging his tail! Even the official TikTok account, @Chewy, commented, "The happiest jumps 😭." 

And it wasn't just their reunion that made this so sweet. It was seeing everyone else's reaction in the airport too. "Watching everyone's happiness around looking made this so wholesome too," said @TikTokCT. Whatever travel stress they had that day instantly melted from this! @Terese Eckerson asked, "Do you see how fast that joy spread to the people around you?" Yes! Don't you see why people always say dogs are a man's best friend? They bring us so much happiness!