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Mama Dog Proudly Shows Off Her Baby to Onlookers in Irresistible Video

For the most part, moms of all species are so happy and proud to show off their babies after they arrive. They just can't wait to show the world their new little additions! In a TikTok video that was shared a few days ago, a mama Golden Retriever was seen peering out from a cage that's presumably at the vet, and she couldn't wait to show off her tiny puppy to onlookers. 

The video is simply captioned with, "Proud mom.", and honestly, it really needs no formal explanation. Look at how happy this mother was to find people to appreciate her precious little arrival. 

SO sweet! It's tough to tell from the video if there were any other puppies in there with her, but she's proud of this one, that's for sure! People are loving just how cute this footage is and left their reactions and comments. @NicoleJane156 said, "She is asking for someone to babysit 😂." Another commenter, @Lacey Phillippe added, "She’s like, 'I made dis!'" And @Amnee said, "Dis mah bebe right here!"

Even the TikTok account for the Boston Red Sox chimed in with, "She’s such a proud mama 🥺."

Given the fact that this dog is in a cage in the video, we just hope that everything is ok and that both she and her baby had a loving home to go to. We'd hate to think of her having to be all alone in there for too terribly long!