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Video of Golden Retriever Getting 'Spooky Bucket' From 'McDonald's' Is the Best

From adorable costumes to pet-friendly treats, there are so many ways to get your best furry friend involved in the fun this Halloween. One pup, though, is making all of his TikTok friends jealous this year. Lucky Golden Retriever Finley was able to convince his mom to get her hands on one of McDonalds' limited edition 'Spooky Buckets' for him, and the rest is history. 

If you're ready to see the manifestation of spookiness and cuteness combined--look no further. @Finleythegoldenbear is here, and he's ready for Halloween.

He's such a happy boy! That big ol' smile on his face warmed our hearts from the millisecond the video began, but it got better and better as he revealed his spooky bucket. Our favorite detail, though? His happy trot down the hallway! Commenter @strambot loved "the prance" just as much as we did, too,  though it's easy to see why.

"The ears bouncing is adorable," gushed @rufusdoodles_. See? No one is immune to this Golden's sweet trot, especially once he has his spooky bucket in tow. 

We had no idea these buckets would be so popular, especially among pet owners, but @itstaybabyyy wrote, "my dog got the ghost [bucket] too." That's adorable! Several viewers are jealous of @nobody_important12hjkl, though, who said, "my pug got the orange one yesterday she was so excited." That seems to be the coveted color to get! 

Either way, Finley seems more than pleased with his spooky bucket, and we love to see it. Our dogs' happiness is everything, after all!

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