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Video of Golden Retriever Patiently Waiting for His Squirrel Friends Is Just the Best

Do you ever wonder what goes through our pets' minds while they look out the window? They probably see so much. Birds flying around, neighbors walking their dogs and cars driving by. Our pets really become the neighborhood watch, putting their snoot in everyone's business and making sure the area is running as it should. And we bet along the way, they've made friendly connections from the outside.

Take for instance this Golden Retriever who likes to wait patiently for his outdoor friends. TikTok user @scouthugs shared a clip of Archie sitting down next to the back door. Right outside the door is a mini picnic table with an umbrella and a bowl of walnuts sitting out. It's an invitation for Archie's friends to come visit him! You'll be begging for a part two to see who comes to the party! 

What?! This is AMAZING! First of all, the fact that the little picnic table is small enough for a squirrel is just the cutest thing. And secondly, did you see the table's umbrella? Adorable! We'd go to a picnic there in a heartbeat if we could fit. LOL!

"Omgosh that is such an ADORABLE setup. I love it😍!" commented @Ambar_Monique. This beats every squirrel feeder we've seen before! From now on, we only want this! 

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Everyone who watched the clip was wondering if Archie's friends ever came.  Don't worry, they did and it was captured on camera. Thank goodness! Check it out!

A squirrel really did come! SO cool! We don't know of any part two video that could top this one. "At least he's quiet. My dogs would lose it," said @ashleynicola88. Ha, same here! Archie clearly knows how his friends like to be treated.

@Adi_may wrote, "Do more! I’m hoping two squirrels sit on both sides so it could look like they’re having a squirrel date 💕." Ok so maybe that kind of video would top this part two...LOL! 

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