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Golden Retriever Caught Shoplifting and His Guilty Reaction Says It All

You know how sometimes kids do something that's so wrong, but they're so darn cute, you can't get mad at them? Yeah, well the same goes for dogs, especially one Golden Retriever named Teddy who got caught red-handed shoplifting a toy from the pet store. A video of the pup was shared by @aguyandagolden, and with 4.6 million views and counting, this naughty boy's little adventure is going viral! 

In the clip, you'll see Teddy sitting in the car with a toy in his mouth -- and a VERY guilty look on his face! The text on the video reads, "When dad has to go back in the store to pay for the toy he didn't notice you grabbed and carried out." Get a load of this guilty-as-charged boy.

OMG! He's just pitiful! He seems to be saying, "What? You're worried about dis? Dis is mine. I didn't do nuffin' wrong." People are loving just how adorable and irresistible Teddy is. @Sarah Engberg said, "He thought he was slick 😂." Ha! He sure did. Another commenter, @TabbyLaRue added, "This is why I can't take my Goldens ANYWHERE! They're cute and sweet but naughty and sneaky as hell 😂." TikTok user @Sharon Rudd902 had a great rule of thumb, saying, "Toys are free for dogs that carry them out on their own." LOL. They really should be.

And even the famous @weratedogs chimed in with, "It was surely a welcome gift." We're so glad to hear that it sounds like dad did go back in and pay for the toy instead of making him put it back! Teddy is just way too sweet of a floof to not get to take home something he worked so hard for. 

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