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Video of Golden Retriever Carrying Her 'Stuffie' Through the Airport Is So Sweet We Can't Even

We totally get it--flying can be scary! Whether you cope with some meditation or a nap throughout the flight, you'll totally relate to this sweet Golden Retriever who needed a little extra comfort. Meet Emma, and her BFF Penny!

Emma's owner, who runs the TikTok account @ilovegolden_retrievers, posted this adorable video of her pup, who is also her service dog. As you'll see in the clip, even Emma needs a helping paw sometimes, so she brought along her stuffed dog, Penny. You could say that Penny is Emma's service dog! 

This precious pup is one Certified Good Girl, and we absolutely can't get enough. No wonder this scene has over half a million views!

This Golden girl has the right idea bringing along her stuffed bestie. Airports and travel can be so stressful! We were not at all surprised to find so many other viewers who loved this doggie duo just as much as we did. Just look at the comments!

"The service animal harness on the stuffed animal is absolutely adorable 🥺🥺🥺🥺," wrote @king_leooooo--we couldn't agree more! Clearly, Penny is very loved. Just like @klmcal said, "even doggies need doggies 💕🐶sooo sweet." Isn't it?

Commenter @brittanygriggs made an excellent point. She said, "SHE ACTS BETTER THAN MOST IN THE AIRPORT 💯🥰," and she's so right. Airports can be nothing short of chaotic at times, and this girl did an amazing job. Even the airline staff agree!

"Flight attendant here! The floofs are my favorite passengers🥰🥰🥰," admitted @gnocchithebolo. We can imagine why! They're super cute, really sweet, and have next to nothing to complain about--what's not to love? We'd be even more excited to sit next to a sweetheart like Emma, though, and we're sure she brought smiles to everyone who saw her.