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Video of Golden Retriever Tattling on His Fur Sibling Is Way Too Cute

When you have a multi-pet household, it can be fascinating to see the roles each of your animals takes on. Who's jealous, for example? Who's a snuggle bug? In the case of these two pups, though, their human mama should be asking herself who the troublemaker is; because where there's a troublemaker, there's also a snitch. 

TikToker @puppyy520 caught this hilarious moment between two of her dogs on film, and we are positively living for it. The Border Collie and Golden Retriever siblings are just too cute, and their personalities couldn't be more opposite. Typical siblings!

LMAO! Don't you just love these two? In typical sibling fashion, they can't help but push each other's buttons, but if you ask us it shouldn't be any other way. Even if the Golden is a bit of a tattletale! 

"What a good boyyyyy," commented @aruushimalhotra. That's another way of putting it! We don't think his brother appreciated that he blew his cover (and even closed the drawer), but Mom sounded like she got a giggle out of it. And honestly, so did all of TikTok!

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How could you not at least smile at these boys' antics, though? From the Border Collies IDGAF attitude to "the wagging tail hitting the other dogs face 😂🥰," like @sup_alyssaa noticed, there's just so much to love. 

If you think about it, these fur siblings compliment each other very nicely. "Clever dogs! One opens the other closes ❤️," @cromielpetfarm gushed, and we can't help but agree. They know 100% what they're doing! 

Guess what? It gets even cuter. A quick scroll through @puppyy520's account will reveal that these two silly pups have another Golden Retriever sibling! So if you're still craving some cuteness after watching this clip, there's plenty more for you to discover. 

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