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Golden Retriever Helps New Puppy Sibling Learn Commands in Irresistible Video

Older siblings are some of the best friends a pup could have. They're built-in playmates, companions for cuddles, and even some of the best teachers. Just take Koda the Golden Retriever, for example. He's now the big brother to Kobe, the Boxer mixed-breed, and he's stepping up to show his little friend the ropes.

In a now-viral TikTok video from @kodaandkobe, the two dogs can be seen working on their obedience skills with their human mom. The interaction between the brothers is just the sweetest, especially when Kobe needs a helping paw with his new skills! Check it out! 

Aww--good boys! Koda is clearly a master of obedience skills, but it's his job as Big Bro that he truly excels at. He's setting such a great example for Kobe! Speaking of the little guy--isn't he just the cutest thing? He looks so tiny next to Koda that he could pass for a stuffed animal!

Unsurprisingly, we weren't the only ones who were crazy for these brothers. With the most-liked comment of the video, @lupine197 praised Koda for being, "such a great trainer! They're adorable ❤️," she added. We can't help but agree! 

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"Yes, training with another dog is so much easier," @miamiboudoir chimed in. Well, it certainly can be! Koda and Kobe's mom replied, "I didn’t realize this would be a benefit when getting a new dog. Sometimes Koda wants to take over but he’s teaching 😂." So true! Honestly, who wouldn't love to have a teacher's assistant like him around?

As for Kobe? His cute pupper self is melting hearts left and right. "I thought the little one was a wind up toy at first. 🥰," commented @morenacubana, "They are a dynamic duo." They seriously are, but can you imagine the chaos of their play sessions when Kobe gets bigger? We know it'll be epic when the time comes, so keep your fingers crossed for updates from @kodaandkobe!

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