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Video of Golden Retriever ‘Telling Off Mom’ for Going to Work Is Just Priceless

There’s no question about it, dogs love to be with their people. And people love to be with their dogs! The hardest part of any day is saying goodbye to your fur baby before leaving for work or errands, but one Golden Retriever is making sure his mom knows just how much he dislikes being apart. 

Alfie and his antics can be found on TikTok at @ourgoldenalfie, but this particular video is going viral. It's easy to see why! The unhappy pup is simultaneously looking for comfort and voicing his complaints, and honestly, we'd never leave his side again. Just listen to those little cries!

We just want to give him a snuggle--he's too cute! Between the puppy dog eyes and his gentle demeanor, this fur baby has won our hearts in a matter of seconds. It's a wonder how Alfie's mom gets anything done!

TikTok commenter @davefreddyandozzy was the brave soul to say what we’re all thinking, “Awwww you’ll have to take him with you Mumma 🥰.” Understandably so, Alfie’s mum replied, “I wish I could :(“ We wish you could, too! 

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Another commenter with the most liked comment took Alfie's side of the argument. "You can never work again," said @hunkydory34. We'd side with you too, but someone needs to work to spoil Alfie rotten, right?

One of the cutest things about this video is surprisingly overlooked. “The comfort blanket though 🥺” commented @rachelshennan, who also loved Alfie’s Friends-themed blanket that he carried throughout the video. This only further proves that Alfie feels distressed when his momma isn't home, but gosh is it cute to look at. 

We wish we could explain to this sweetheart that his mom just has to work, but as pet owners we know it’s not so simple. “It’s so hard.” commented @annalui_17. “They’re not around forever, so I feel horrible whenever I leave my dog 🥺.” So do we, but at least we all get to spoil our fur babies at the end of the workday.

"He needs double cuddles and treats today 🥺" wrote @hewi1998. We wholeheartedly second that motion. This good boy deserves all the good things, whether or not he guilts the entire Internet with his cries. 

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