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Video of Golden Retriever Practicing for 'The Tonight Show' in NYC Is Way Too Adorable

Pet owners love when our dogs can do tricks. it makes us feel like accomplished owners and it gives us a chance to show off our wonderful pups to our friends and family. One Golden Retriever has been so impressive with her tricks and commands that she was invited on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!

Ellie is a Golden Retriever who was trained to taste-test her food by licking it once. In the video posted on TikTok by @elliegoldenlife, Ellie and her owner practice tasting two foods before he instructs Ellie to pick her favorite with a certain command. Ellie then makes her television debut with Jimmy Fallon to show off her tremendous skills at taste-testing and obeying commands. See what a good girl Ellie is in the video of her preparing for The Tonight Show!

Wow, Ellie! She is such a good girl, and we are so impressed with her skills!

Ellie's fans expressed their joy and excitement for Ellie in the comments of the video. @orlsmcdonald said, "She’s the best girl, performing like a champ under different circumstances!" and @mykomushroom commented, "Oh my goodness, congratulations! This is amazing, what a well deserved honor!" Ellie is such a good pup, and we are so glad she is getting the recognition she deserves.

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The Tonight Show's official TikTok, @fallontonight, also posted a video of Ellie's appearance on the show, which was very well received by Fallon's fans. 

In the comments of Fallon's video, @alessandramb04 joked, "Wow, she has more self control than me." Others shared their thoughts on Ellie's choices, such as @gwen.fyt who said, "The way she was eyeing the strawberry really surprised me when she grabbed carrot." Ellie's performance was so great because she kept the audience on their toes!

We think it's about time Ellie went on tour around the United States. She can definitely sell out Madison Square Garden with impressive and adorable performances like this.

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