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Golden Retriever's Jealousy Over His Brother's Post-Surgery T-Shirt Is Everything

Having two dogs can be an absolute joy. There are double the tail wags, twice the amount of cuteness, and your fur babies will always have a playmate. Some days, it can feel like a dream come true! 

Other times, though, things may not go as smoothly--and that's OK! Jealousy, in particular, can happen with two-dog households, but that doesn't mean it has to get in the way of your peace. Take The Walsh Fam, for example. 

When their puppy, Tucker, underwent double shoulder surgery, his older fur brother Winston got jealous of his cool post-op t-shirt. The shirt is necessary to cover Tucker's stitches while he heals up, but now his brother gets to match!

Aww! We love these two Golden Retrievers and their love for one another! Winston is being such a good big brother by taking care of Tucker after his procedure, but nothing beats how these two look in their t-shirts. 

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"That is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!! 🥰," commented @candyapedaile. Right?! It certainly brings some levity to a difficult time for Tucker and his family. Recovering from double shoulder surgery can't be easy!

Do you know what else isn't easy? A fashion faux pas--or faux paw in this case. "He looks like a bad T-shirt sun tan! 😂," noticed viewer @saltyopinion. "Poor pup!" LOL, that's definitely true, but Tucker doesn't need to know that!

When @natalie7935 asked, "what was wrong with his shoulders," the Walsh Fma replied, "He was born with extra cartilage in the sockets of his shoulder! He couldn’t walk without a limp & was in pain most of the time 🤍." OMG, that sounds awful! We're so glad Tucker will be feeling better soon, but like all his other fans (including @tmc_824), we "wish u a speedy recovery puppy!"

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