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Golden Retriever Puppy's Reaction to Watching 'Up' for the First Time Couldn't Be Better

Most of us remember the feeling we got from watching our favorite movie for the first time. The sense of wonder the storyline invoked and our deep investment in the outcome was unmatched. One puppy was recently observed by her mom experiencing the joy of watching her new favorite movie in a viral video.

TikTok user @charlottemoerelphoto shared a video of her Golden Retriever puppy, Scotty, sitting attentively in front of their television, which is playing the Pixar film Up. This particular scene has several dogs in it, and Scotty seems like she recognizes her kind, even in animated form! Check out the video to see Scotty's reaction to watching Up for the first time.

OMG this is too cute! We are obsessed with Scotty's tail wags. You can tell she was loving the movie, and in a comment, her mom declared Up is Scotty's new favorite movie! We believe it.

People in the comments can't get over how adorable this video is. @claire.moten said, "Stop this is so cute," and @avoice4hire commented, "That tail! I want to hug her!" This really is some adorable puppy content!

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Others shared stories of their own dogs watching television and recommended another show for Scotty to watch. @samdevine00 commented, "My golden loves watching Dug Days, I got the cutest video the other day," and @natalie.8.8 said, "My dog adores this movie. Also loves Dug Days." Seems like Scotty's mom is going to have to put Dug Days in the television queue!

We love seeing videos of pets watching other animals on television. It is such a cute way for them to learn more about their species, and it always results in cute moments like this!

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