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Golden Retriever Who Wags His Tail While Dreaming Is As Sweet As It Gets

We would do anything to know what our pets dream about, especially when we see them moving their little legs around and making those adorable noises during a deep sleep. We think that out of the very, very long list of adorable things pets do, dreaming comes in in the Top 3. And if we want to get even more specific, focusing in on the dreaming category, this TikTok doggo @maui_thegoldenpup might be the cutest one of all!

This Golden Retriever was fast asleep in his sweet little doggy bed. His head was perched over the edge. It even looked like he had a smile on his face! He must be having an amazing dream because it was more than just his face showing he was happy. Take a look at his tail and then let us know if you have any ideas on what this good boy is dreaming about?! 

Stop it! We can't handle the cuteness! Also, we've never seen a dog wag his tail while dreaming. It clearly was one heck of a dream! 

TikTok users are flocking to the comments with ideas on what this puppo is dreaming. And honestly, they're all very real guesses! @missdognurse said, "Experts say dogs dream about their owners, so he’s prolly dreaming about you." Aww!! That's so sweet! @John and Azzy added, "He's dreaming about food." LOL! That sounds more like it. Dreaming about a mound of treats with his name written all over it! 

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Or maybe he's dreaming about what @julia.odendaal said, "You just know he's running on his fav beach/park with his fav toy." How sweet would that be?! @Apple User956993816 commented, "Someone was telling him he’s a good boy and then began to pet him." This is a possibility, but we also feel like he gets this enough as is in person! Whatever the dream is, we are so glad he's enjoying it! 

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