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Video of Golden Retriever Patiently Waiting to See 'His Cow Friends' Is Absolutely Precious

Friends can come in all shapes and sizes, and Bailey the Golden Retriever is here to prove just that. Not that his TikTok followers need much convincing! This Welsh boy surely makes friends wherever he goes, but his recent infatuation with a local herd of dairy cows is just too cute for words. 

Bailey's mama has been documenting his friendship with the bovines on his TikTok account, @goldenlifeofbailey, and we're oh-so-glad she has. It's just the sweetest, funniest thing! On one recent walk, though, their daily hellos didn't quite go to plan. Now TikTok is fawning over this friendly pup even more, and the cows will surely be jealous! 

Aww, Bailey! We know your buddies love you just as much as they did the day before. Sometimes, food just can't wait! We bet this pup would understand if his favorite snack were in front of him, and this video's commenters think so, too!

"They obviously like you they just busy," said @alphaestic. Right? It's nothing personal! Snacktime is uber important, after all, but couldn't the herd have given him just one hello?

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"Aw.. I’m gutted for him.. always tomorrow 😂🥰," @skippy8270 wrote. That's totally true--there are so many more days for Bailey and his buddies to say hi. Still, no one wants to see their fur baby sad! This Golden's mama is no exception, according to one comment reply, and we're not surprised at all!

"Mum kept making moo sounds to make them come over," @goldenlifeofbailey wrote, "but they just looked at her like she's stupid and then continued eating 🥺😂😂." LOL! It seems somewhat typical of cows to just vibe by themselves, but who wouldn't want to see this fluffy boy? Clearly, this herd loved him just the other day.

Isn't it just the sweetest?!

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