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Golden Retriever Who 'Walks Himself' Every Morning Is Impossible to Resist

Haven't you always secretly wished that your dog could walk themselves? Especially if you've ever gotten up at dawn to walk your dog in the snow or rain. So don't be too jealous after watching video of a Golden Retriever taking himself for a walk. Yep, believe it or not there were no humans in sight! 

The incredible feat is apparently a daily occurrence, as noted by TikTok creator @hanndfulofhannah. The social media star just happened to capture the dog taking their morning stroll all by their lonesome and posted it online where it's since racked up over 244,000 views. "My neighbor's Golden Retriever walks itself every morning," the text overlay reads. "Best part of my day," Hannah wrote in the caption, before adding the crying-laughing emoji. And TBH, you gotta see the way this dog is walking. 

People in the comments section were cracking up. "At least they're respecting leash laws," @heynowsarah joked. "Definition of if you want something done do it yourself," @faithxhussein quipped. "Meanwhile my dog would be two states away still running," @maggielewis7669 teased. "Officer, he’s on a leash. The law doesn’t specify that I have to be holding the other end?" @riverrat53 kidded. 

Of course, we have so many questions after watching the footage. Like, how did Hannah's neighbor teach their dog to walk themselves? Does the dog really need to use a leash? Who picks up the mess after the dog goes to the bathroom? And most importantly — are there classes that will teach your dog to walk themselves?

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Obviously this video has us spinning... and we're sure other people are going to have questions too.

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