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Golden Retriever's Reaction to Learning Dad Is Coming Home Is Totally Over-the-Top

Do you remember staying at maybe your grandparent's or aunt's house while your parents went away on vacation and you couldn't wait for them to come home? You'd asked daily how many more days, and it never seemed to get any closer. Then finally, they would tell you that mom and dad were on their way. You'd be all excited, jumping up and down and then running so fast to give them a hug when they walked in the door. Dogs feel the same way about their parents returning, too.

TikTok pup @eltonthegoldenretriever's dad has been away for 2 weeks. It says in a recent clip that Elton was so sad and would sit by the door each day waiting for his dad. But when his mom finally told him dad was coming home, he couldn't contain his excitement! We're telling you know, this one video won't be enough to satisfy your needs. 

Alright so this was too cute, but we neeeeeed a reunion video! When we say 'we,' we mean all of TikTok. Users are begging for a reunion video in the comments. 

"PLEASE can we see dad coming in!?!" asked @Watson Chlo. "Can someone tag me in the reunion video pls," added @jordyn. Uhh, us too! We're patiently waiting over here. The one whole day since this video was posted. LOL. "I cannot wait to see Elton’s reaction when his Daddy walks through the door! 💜," commented Sue. 

We have a feeling dad can't handle his excitement either. Not only does he get to come home to his partner, he gets to come home to all the doggie kisses from Elton, which could arguably be better! After all, "He is a fluffy bundle of love ❤️," as @readingmassagetherapy said. Now, let's get that reunion video posted ASAP!