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Golden Retriever's Desire To Be In Mom's Photos Is Giving Off Main Character Energy

Selfies have become a lifestyle ever since cameras were added to cellphones. And yes, there used to be cellphones without cameras, LOL! Any time you visit a new place or try on a new outfit, you whip out your phone and snap a quick selfie to share on social media. Or if you're like us, you take selfies with your pet and capture their adorable moments, which is 24/7.  Sometimes our pets don't mind it, mostly because we force them. In fact, some love it and want to be the center of attention!

Take for instance TikTok user @biancaxhenderson's dog who is giving off some major main character energy. In her recent post, she demonstrated how her Golden Retriever loves to take photos. She pretends she's taking her mirror selfie in the clip when he starts jumping around getting all excited because he knows it's selfie time! And how he jumps into all of her photos is just incredible. One could say her dog was born to be in front of the camera!

Aww, what a selfie master! He really knew it was time to take a photo and hopped right up on the bed to make sure he was seen. LOL! And this wasn't just a one-time thing. He clearly loves crashing all of her photos! Our personal fav, the baby bump picture. 

In the clip, she told him he doesn't have to be in every photo, but we all beg to differ! @dogterwatson wrote, "He does have to be in every single picture." That's just the right thing to do. We don't make the rules! 

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Also, whoever said it was her photo? This is clearly all about him! "His pic you just happen to be in it😅," commented @foreveraylin. LOL! @latoyab01902 pointed out," He doesn’t have thumbs to take the photo himself sooooo… you’re really just his photographer 😂😌." True! Bet she didn't realize getting a dog would come with a full-time photography gig! 

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