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Video of Golden Retriever Quietly Watching the Sunset Is the Ultimate Timeline Cleanse

Our dogs have so much more going than we give them credit for. Those sweet little faces have a whole world inside of them, and when we get to see it, it’s so special. For 25-year-old Katelyn Nassar, a creator on TikTok, she gets to see these moments when her dog does his evening ritual; watching the sunset. 

Nassar, of Austin, Texas recently shared a video of her English Cream Golden Retriever taking it all in on her TikTok page @katelynfletcher. “My dog sits and watches the sunset in this exact spot every night,” she wrote in the video’s onscreen caption. “This will make me emotional till the day I die.” Us too! We can't get over how peaceful this moment is.

The video has been watched over 6.6 million times, so it’s safe to say it was definitely a hit. “That’s an old soul that knows the importance of cherishing every beautiful moment in life,” @firefistace_10 wrote. “Pup is telling all of us to take time to enjoy the little things in our lives,” @katiecamara2 agreed. “I hope you sit with him sometimes, what a beautiful soul,” @smittygirl062322 added.

And some people felt like there was more going on than meets the eye. “It’s a human that died and came back as a dog,” @jaycapaalot commented. “I think he remembers his past as a human,” @d.uprising added. While a third commenter hit us right in the feels. “The worst part? When he passes, you’re gonna be looking at that sunset and remembering,” @tinfoillogic wrote.

But if you’re worried that her dog had to watch the sunset all on his own, in a second video shared on Nassar’s channel she showed her dad going to join their dog one night. 

“He always loves watching with someone he loves,” she wrote in the caption. Now excuse us, while we go get a tissue. We've got something in our eye.