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Golden Retriever Joins Bride and Groom's First Dance at Wedding and We Can't Take It

The further we get into 2022, the more we love this amazing new wedding trend: involving the dog. Whether they walk down the aisle or make an appearance during the ceremony, there are so many ways to ensure that your best friend is a part of your big day...whether you plan for it or not!

In the sweetest, most beautiful video we've seen in a long time, Sadie the Golden Retriever decides to join her parents during their first dance at their wedding. Sound cute yet? Just wait until you see how her daddy, @returnofrandall, includes her!

This looks like the scene out of a movie! Randall and his bride look stunning (as does Sadie, of course), and the way their guests are all watching is the sweetest thing. Nothing beats the moment Randall picks up Sadie, though! 

"We all know who's wedding this actually was 🥰," @monstermompham admits. LOL--it wasn't Sadie's wedding? Actually, it was Cadie's! If this entire story hasn't melted your heart already, Sadie's name actually rhymes with her new mama's name. Just try to convince us this wasn't meant to be!

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"I love that we have been watching this story since the first video," said @theresa_maiden. It's so incredible that some of Randall's followers have been around since his first viral video, which had to do with searching for a mom for Sadie! What a beautiful, full-circle story this is. Randall even posted another video to commemorate!

LOL! We don't know whether this is more funny or more adorable, but it honestly doesn't matter. We're just so thrilled Sadie has a mom now! 

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