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Golden Retriever's Special Bond With Newborn Baby Is So Moving

We've seen plenty of videos of dogs being introduced to their newborn sibling. And we love every single clip! But we don't see much of the early stages of their relationship. Most of the clips we see are when the baby is older. 

That is until this clip from TikTok doggo @gillithegolden came across our timeline. This sweet Golden Retriever named Gilligan instantly fell in love with his new baby brother. The bond that these two share is unlike any we've ever seen. You'll be so moved after watching this clip. 

Stop it! Our hearts can't handle all this adorableness! This is the perfect video to give us a glimpse into a newborn and dog's relationship. Not that we expected anything different! It's just nice to see more of this relationship at such an early stage. 

"He was like, 'Can I pet him now?' at the end," said @ElMasChingon78. Aww! He is totally impatient and just wants the baby to pet him now. LOL! @madisoncsnodgrass0 pointed out, "Omg he was helping him hold his little head up." OMG! We didn't even notice that at first, but it's true! That's why this Golden Retriever earns the title @Gracieeholt gave him. Her comment reads, "The best big brother ever." Retweet, retweet, retweet! 

@Mommageek420 wrote, "I'm so excited to watch their journey together." Uhh, safe to say that we're all excited to watch these two grow up together! This baby not only has a protector for life but a best friend as well! 


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